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Monday, May 02, 2011

Good evening, the names Nemesis, Arch Nemesis.

The Queen has been very busy culling possessions and let's face it she has been totally sans Ruth but let's face it, with me, she has met her match! No matter how much she tries, she just can't seem to get me under control.
Her very good friend, Mrs J came over & showed the Queen the correct way to thread Gretchen, (the very expensive new sewing machine). This saved Gretchen from a fate worse than Ebay. Since then the Queen  has been sewing like a demon especially for a couple of babies due in June and has completed & made several quilt tops but really she has barely made a dent in me. 
Barely fills a carrier bag. It's a flesh wound!! Ha!

A small peak at some of the baby things

May be for sale - if she can get it quilted before July :)
Sneak peak of the back of a baby quilt

Sneak peak of the front

Started in 2006!!! Finished (well the top at least)  & yes that is hand stitched around each leaf!!

The fur kids love this one!

Here I am in almost all my glory.

Here is my Alter Ego, Slim

And here are a few of the Undercover operatives.

You can see her problem.

This weeks push will be to finish this 40th Wedding Anniversary surprise for her Sister and Brother in Law.

No one mention that their anniversary was last year.

And don't think she is alone in this futile pursuit.

Meet the Prince's wall 'o' books.

Oh yeah. End of June is totally doable!!!

Bwahhhaaaa haahhaaaaaa