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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birthday celebrations

So I can't let the month go without mentioning the birthday celebrations for my darling Prince. It was a quiet night of the Princes favourites. That is gluten free stuffed roast chicken! Salad & chocolate coated strawberries for afters.

Declared nom worthy!

Loving what I do. Can't imagine doing it without my Prince.

Lush x

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sussex Bread Company

So not one to do things sparingly, my partner & I have decided to go into business with 2 friends & open a gluten & wheat free bakery.
This is currently running out of our home kitchen but we have every intention of having premises soon. Well we were planning on it at around 12 to 18 months into the business.
We may be looking much much sooner than that. Like in week 10. We are in week 7. 
We have become very popular very quickly. It is like trying to ride an eel. (not that any of us would do that eeeww!!)

We are intending to offer a box scheme but in the mean time we have been selling at my cafe & did the town markets last weekend. We can barely keep up with demand.

We're gonna need a bigger oven!!! LOL It is a great "problem" to have.

Here is our first bread order heading out to Wales.

As you can tell from photos, we are a bit excited & proud. If you or anyone you know needs gluten free bread, pasta, cakes or biscuits, get in touch. SussexBreadCo 

We can sort you out :)

Loving what we do

Lush x

Off to Londinium!!

It's that time again, time to submit more paper so I can stay in this adopted country of mine. So that means more trips to the Big Smoke. More opportunities to have burgers for lunch.

If you ever get a chance to eat at Byron, I can heartily recommend them. This is this months special the "B Rex, Byronosaurus". Declared nom worthy by me.

I had the conversation with the cab driver that I have with sooooo many people here. It always goes the same way. Them: "Are you Australian?" Me: "Yes I am." Them: "Why are you living HERE?" Me: "I love the weather". Them: "You are crazy!"

While its true, I do love the weather & yes, I am a little crazy, it is a million other little things that I love about here. Small things can thrill me. In the train today, too warm to leave my gillet on, (and who doesn't love a gillet in this weather??) no problem, I will just hang it on the conveniently placed hook next to my seat with the conveniently included little hanging loop inside said gillet. Bliss!

Loving all the little things

Lush x