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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Oh I do love to be beside the Seaside!!!

Or Why Brits get into so much trouble when they swim at Bondi (or any other Aussie beach).

So the other day in the continuing saga of "the brakes for the little red truck", I had to go to Hove to pick up the 4 measly missing bolts (how they got to Hove is another story! but I digress) Here was the beach advisory.

 Check that air & water temperature people, this is Summer Brit style!! The sea mist? Just another common feature of a day at the beach here.
Somewhere there is the rusted hulk of the old or west pier. Yup, somewhere in the middle. Trust me, it's there OK?
This is how folks here enjoy the beach. Up on the promenade. Away from the water. Way away. Where they can be surreptitiously photographed by Australians.
Then they have random news reporters from Saudi Arabia come along and film them. 
I shit you not! I would love to have one of these huts. If I didn't live 2 streets back from the beach! LOL I just like the idea of decorating the space & pretending to be far away on a holiday.
The view from the most scenic loo in the world (or maybe just West Sussex??) Marks & Spencer's Worthing. Can you imagine what that view would be worth in Australia? I can assure you it would be too expensive for a loo!

See I really do love what I am doing.

Lush x


  1. I had no idea what those huts were before this post. What beautiful pictures.

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for the comment. The huts are so cute, most are decorated beautifully & the doors are all painted different colours on the sea side & plain white on the road side.
      We were speaking to someone who was visiting her brother & she told us that they are very expensive to buy, up to £10,000 & £1000 per year to council for the lease!!
      As she said "If you only get to the beach 10 times a year, that's £100 per visit!"
      Mmmm definitely changes my plans to buy one LOL


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