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Monday, July 14, 2014

Local history

OK, is it really 3 months since my last blog?? That really is taking this whole "slow blogging" thing to new levels! This is one I have had in drafts for months & would really like to document so here goes.

There are some fabulously interesting buildings in this town & you never know where they are going to pop up. This is the local bookshop (I think WH Smith??). It was once the local Guild hall & as such has this magnificent fireplace & bas relief murals of Queen Elizabeth 1 & her ships. Just fascinating to a history buff like myself.

Beautiful stained glass, really interesting logos on the outside of the building & just cool all round in my books.

Been so busy working lately. Cafe is on a slow burn, bakery going gang busters, about to sign a lease for a shop in town soon & house also keeping me busy. All good, just wish it was all more profitable but hopefully the Summer will sort that issue.

I can report that I have some fabulous staff on board & am ready for the rush when it eventually comes. Have invested heavily (700 quid) in a terrific small freezer for the truck & have been offered the free use of a fridge & freezer in a garage up the road from the pitch. I know, how sweet is that?? All they want is free coffee when they get up to the beach. They also have a generator they are loaning me so I am stoked. So generous, I have met some lovely people here & it is fascinating how much people, strangers really, are genuinely wishing me/us the best of luck.

It is 1am here & I really need to go to sleep. I guess that the first coffee I have had in 20 years should not really have been had at 6pm. Idiot error!! LOL.

Still loving what I do & with whom it is done.

Lush x