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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Warning - there will be Kittehs!!!

So welcome to Box World!!! The packing process has been exhausting!!! Not to mention that The Prince & I thought we would knock it all over in the week before he left for the UK!!! LOLOLOL I know, (shaking head) AMATEURS!!!

Needless to say it took much longer. The cats loved climbing on the box piles and Princess Daisy kept running into them (who says she moves around by rote??)

But the good news is that the boxes are in storage & the others are off over the sea to London. Yay!!!
BEST. REMOVERS. EVER!! Worked like Trojans & were so tidy and respectful. Thanks lads!!

The funny thing is that since The Prince is missing the kids are making more of an effort to get along - or maybe it is just the cold weather?? LOL
What do yo mean "You need the basket" ??? It's busy.

Hip time with Mama

My turn. Miss you Daddy.

That little bit of brown fur under Ms Flynn is The Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy & Diego Pavlova catching some rare sunshine
The cats are very happy with the new big screen TV!! To say they are glued is an understatement. Daisy has no idea.
Cartoons on the big screen?

We like!!!
And A belated Happy Birthday to the Man Child. 25 years young in June!!! My stars it does not feel like that many!! And then again it does. Time is weird :)

Lush xox

Melbourne trip

Ok so I am doing some "catch up" posts. We had a lovely weekend in Melbourne staying with The Prince's best friend from childhood, the lovely Mezza of Fitzroy! She has the most gorgeous home, a huge Georgian terrace purchased eons ago before Fitzroy was as popular as it has become. (Think Paddington, Sydney siders). Here is the beautiful Door Goddess!

We had a lovely wander around the old stomping ground & The Prince did a bit of reminiscing about the days in the old school yard.

As is always the case in Melbourne we had fantastic food, terrific Thai at "Easy Tiger" on Smith St - genuine "fine dining" Super Yummy!! Also "The Wine Bar" in the city - apparently the Head Chef is the guy behind the prisoner/chef program Conviction Kitchen (?? never saw anything more than the adds) but the food & wine were superb!! Best of all was that I got to meet The Prince's Aunty M. Had a lovely time and am really sorry we live so far apart as it would be lovely to have her drop in & be a bigger part of our lives. Never mind we will have to converse via the web and arrange regular visits.

As always Melbourne offered fantastic graffiti, intriguing shop windows & interesting wares!

Not to mention spectacular architecture! Sydney will rue the day they let the developers demolish at will.

Parliament House lights
As you can tell I LOVE Melbourne. Hmmm it may be the next place to live?? After London of course!!

Lush xox