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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Had a lovely time in Edinburgh last week, weather was terrific, cold & crisp but no snow unfortunately.

 This was a beautiful church on the Royal Mile, just lovely.
 We were very lucky that the Christmas Markets started the day after we arrived so we just HAD to go have a German sausage & a mulled wine. I got to have mead for the first time ever. Very special to have it in Scotland & very yummy!

 The ice skating rink - rinks in the south have had to be closed cause the weather is too warm & the ice is melting :)

 We were convinved that this guy was about to take off in the very strong wind - poor guy!

View of the Castle from our room

 We went on the open top bus tour then wandered along the Royal Mile checking out the plethora of cashmere & tartan shops. I bought myself a lovely purple cashmere beanie - truly stylish !
 I went to the Childrens' Museum. They had some fantastic toys on display. These miniature ceramics were just adorable! I would love that chicken for my chicken collection :)

 I am sure I saw these 2 dogs on Antiques Roadshow recently.

 This game was hysterical in its completeness!! Obviously designed by a pedant :)

If only this was a real butcher shop! Finding good meat is a bit of a struggle here - not good when you are allergic to vegetables like I am :(

 These dolls were a cack! Modelled from quins they were all identical just with different name badges! Matel - each sold separately LOL
See No. 2 and the photo above

These pieces of furniture are made from feathers & are tiny!

More for the chicken collection :)

Floor signs in the hotel - every floor a different fruit YUM!

Lovely little Citroen truck from our favourite French restaurant - Super YUM!!

So want one of these!!
 Had the BEST food in Edinburgh! All but one meal was excellent. Had a lot of fun, people were really friendly, weather was great. All in all a lovely time up North & we would be happy to spend more time there.

Doing what I love

Lush xox

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is such a powerful idea that I challenge anyone to visit an occupy site & not be moved. Even if you cannot be involved by sleeping out with the protesters I think everyone would benefit by bearing witness to the statements being made.
When you consider that all of the worlds worth is managed by only 185 CEO's there is a chance that the wealth of the world could be divided in a more balanced way. Read more here

Conveniently located opposite an actual Starbucks :)

If you think this does not concern you & is just a bunch of hippy protesters - THINK AGAIN!! Your mortgage is next.

Ladbrokes = the local betting shop