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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A walk by the canals

Saturday saw us taking a walk by the canals, all the way from home to the Limehouse Marina & the shores of the Thames!! We estimated that we walked around 7 kilometres. Princess Daisy came with us and walked all the way with no complaints. Little trooper. The canal network is fantastic here & stretches for miles. There is a walkway or towpath along most & you can drop down to them from several points all along the route.

Lace curtains anyone? I'm a bit chuffed with the composition of this one :)

We sewers will fit a machine in anywhere! & at the side of the table was the dressmakers dummy LOL

Napping swans

The Clock Mill at 3 Mills

See the Prince & Princess Daisy??

Grapes of Wrath?? LOL

1700's architecture - love it!!

Princess Daisy decides to get the bus

Multiple modes of transport in this town - train, boat & foot!

Lovely old mooring posts & ropes

Teeny little plants

Brilliant colour!

The Thames!! Look at that light!!

The South Bank

Fantastic day with my love The Prince, wandering & discovering.

Do what you love!

Lush xox

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