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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tower Bridge

Met the Prince last Friday after work at City Hall & spent a lovely evening dining & strolling across Tower Bridge back to the train to come home. The tide was running out on the Thames exposing the muddy banks. I had an excellent rib eye steak - heaven in the land of pork. Don't get me wrong I love the magic animal more than most but I have been craving a decent piece of beef for some time now & it is very difficult to find here.

City Hall - The Prince works here

The Prince & I spent a lazy Saturday morning laughing our arses off at the "LIVE telecast" of the Lord Mayor of London's parade. What a cack!!! Lots of blokes in fancy frocks - English transvestite-ism at its very best!!!
The BBC commentator  - asks a participant from the Philipino float "Is this a traditional outfit?" "Oh yes it's a traditional Muslim dress from the south" Really??? Does that include the ugg boots you are wearing?????LOLOLOL
I feel that the biggest gaff for the day & an example of how out of touch these folks are is when the MAYOR said "Oh isn't it wonderful to see everyone here, the coloureds, the young, the old, etc" THE COLOUREDS??? What the f**k??? And then in reference to the "Occupy" protesters "I will listen to everyone, at the appropriate time". Oh yeah, he is representing the people - well at least the 1%!!!
After yelling & throwing things at the TV for the morning we decided to shake off the grumps with a good walk in the crisp weather. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the weather here?? LOL
We ended up having lunch at Nando's in Stratford. I have to say it is a very different experience to Nando's in Oz. Wait to be seated at a table, wait staff to explain the menu, deliver the meal & follow up if you need anything extra. You still have to go to the counter to order but far more civilised than I have experienced. I think the table decorations were a bit gender confused though - this is a cockerel with an egg. I decided he needed to be named Bruce & would have liked to bring him home to roost with my other chickens (I have a few). The Prince decided that was probably not a good idea. He stayed at the shop but I get to visit him :)

After lunch we toddled around the end of Stratford that we have not investigated & were very happy to discover a butcher shop. We are yet to try their meat but the lamb looked yummy!
After our walk we went to the movies to see Tin Tin in 3D. Really cool - go see it!! Did not get great reviews but I don't think movies from books ever do.
Sunday saw us doing a raid on the Pimlico Car Boot. Can I just say SCORE!!! Some great finds including 2 platinum knife rests in the shape of dachshunds. When we researched them we found they are selling for around forty pounds each! We paid a tenner. Love a car boot!!

And for the people who knock the British weather, just look at that sky!! Chill crisp air, wandering around finding bargains with the Prince - does not get any better in my books!

Loving what I do!
Lush x

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