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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Banking on the weekend.

Bank holiday weekend
Feeling a little better on the weekend meant that I managed to drag myself off the couch for a wee trip to the movies, we saw the 3rd in the Bourne movies series, The Bourne Legacy.  Not bad but a bit over the top on explosions & car/motorbike chases. Apparently I get to choose the next movie LOL.
Then on Sunday we made the trek to Battersea Car Boot sale. My wish list included a pepper pot, some trays & some small vases. The Prince was after a tea pot & anything else that took our fancy.

2 cup tea pot (needs a little mending on the handle) 2 pound, decorative plate 1 pound, lovely hand made vase 50p!!
This tin sign was not on the list but was there was never a doubt that it would not come home with me. 9 pounds
Assortment of allegedly vintage trims to go with the tapestries I have been hoarding collecting to make some bags & cushions
Lovely jug/vase/stein found by The Prince for I think 1 pound
Another of The Prince's finds for 1 pound

The elusive pepper pot!! Just the right size for white pepper. Has a little ding in the silver top. Hallmarks are too small for me to read. LOL I also bought a larger sugar caster but no photo.
The tomatoes have finally decided to go from green to red, all at once of course so we have a glut of them. We had lovely pasta with fresh tomatoes, garlic & olive oil. Simple but so delicious. A great weekend lunch. I am planning to make some tomato ginger chilli jam. Yum!!
Our bounty & some cat grass. I caught Flynn standing on the window ledge eating the grass. To say she loves this stuff is an understatement.
Gorgeous colour. There are this many again to pick today. Green for at least SIX WEEKS!!  Red overnight. LOL
Feeling a lot better this week, hangover of asthma but not as bad as last week thankfully. Planning to get onto the sewing machine later today, I need a quick project to finish so I feel like I can still call myself a sewer? sewist? sewster? Whatevs! LOL

 Today was washing & cleaning day & tomorrow afternoon/evening we are off to the opening of the Paralympics! We have tickets for wheelchair basketball & swimming. We are really looking forward to watching the sport & I am really looking forward to getting to check out the park & the gardens.

Loving what I do

Lush x


  1. Great finds. I particularly covet the white jug. Have a great time at the paralympics!

  2. I know, it's great isn't it!! More of a butter colour really. The Prince found it & snaffled it up immediately.

  3. That rolling pin sign is so unique! I love it!

    1. I was thinking it would be better in blue or black but the red matches my big mixer & loads of other things so it is perfect!

  4. Im in love with that first 1pound stein/vase/jug.. think it is awesome. Let's go car booting (is there a proper term for this?) when we visit.

    1. OK, this could be embarrassing. I have no idea who you are & your profile does not come up when I click on your name.
      Wanna enlighten me?? LOL
      However having said that, I am always up for carbooting (we may have just invented a word??) company.


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