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Saturday, August 11, 2012

I think I'm going to need a bigger pot.

We were very lucky we moved in to find a Bramley apple tree in the back yard. It is a lovely tree & makes a great addition to the garden. It has been trained to droop so you can easily pick the apples without the need of a ladder. Clever!!
 Last year we harvested around 25 apples & thought this was great. I think this year the tree has excelled itself!! This is our second picking. The first was about one quarter of this size & it took me 2 hours to peel & chop for sauce.

 If I ever want to do any more washing I had better get cracking. If anyone needs me I will be on the couch in front of the last of the Olympics.
Please send fluids.

Loving what I do

Lush x


  1. Mmmm I could really go a big bowl of cooked apple piping hot with cold vanilla icecream.

  2. Mmmm, yum!! I always make mine with lots of cinnamon & nutmeg.
    There is a really great vanilla ice cream here in the UK called Carte Dor - very vanilla.
    I think there may be some in the freezer.
    Off to check. LOL

  3. I'm jealous of your fruit trees! I just told hubby, "Can we cut down out trees and plant a fruit tree instead?" lol

    Hey, thanks for stopping by Thrift Diving!! Let's connect more ofte !

    Thrift Diving

    1. Go for it!! You do not need a lot of space for fruit trees. In fact they are best kept pruned short, tied down or espaliered (trained flat) so they are easy to pick.
      As we are renting we purchased 7 fruit trees for pots this year but we only harvested one apple from these.
      Not sure if the trees are too young or if they didn't get enough water?? We will see what happens next year.
      These apples are from the tree that was already here in our yard.
      Looking forward to checking out your blog more frequently.


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