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Monday, July 30, 2012

More Greenwich, in the mean time

So while I wait to get the right light to take photos of the new baby, here are some shots I took last week at North Greenwich. The buildings there gave me some great ideas for quilts but I need to bone up on some drafting skills before I undertake a anything, in the mean time (sorry the puns just keep coming) I can ogle good design.

It kind of reminds me of a fractal. I just love the play of shapes. I can see a chain, stars, diamonds, hexagons, so many shapes.
Here are the other buildings, they remind me of several modern quilts I have seen. Great lines, repetition & shapes.

This metal sculpture in the background reminds me of a game called "Kerplunk" that we played as kids. You put marbles in the top & pulled out the sticks, first one to drop a marble lost.
Try to see past the car park.
Actually now I look at it again, it looks like a swarm of bees or a flock of birds.

This is something I would love to do but I as I have a bad fear of heights I know it would only be if I was blindfolded, drugged & dragged on board. Kinda defeats the purpose really huh?
I promise shots of the new Singer tomorrow. May have to have a naming competition as I am a bit stumped.

Loving what I do.

Lush x

Friday, July 27, 2012

In for the off!!!

Whoo hoo!!! Right over our house!!! With the vapour trails and all.

Because most of our involvement has been about work & stress for The Prince it has been hard to get excited.
Worked on getting excited today. This totally helped :)

Loving what we do.

Lush x

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

She's Here!!!!

She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!! She's here!!


I will be belly up to the sewing table for a while.  Pictures soon.

Loving her!!

Lush x

Monday, July 23, 2012

A little weekend Sacrilege

 We were up early on Saturday morning & off to partake in some of the London 2012 Festival events. First off was North Greenwich to see and play on the life size Stonehenge Jumping Castle. This is an art installation by Turner prize winning artist Jeremy Deller. If you get a chance - go do it! It was so much fun, granted I only had a very little seated bounce on the edge (there is the dodgy back to consider after all) but everyone seemed to have great fun bouncing like kids again.

The local gymnastics kids demonstrating their skills prior to letting everyone at it!!

Next, we were off to Dalston Kingsland High Street for a view of the parade. The floats were lovely & the people trying to maintain their energy but this was difficult when they had to wait at the lights to let the traffic go by!! I have never seen anything like it. I am so used to the streets being closed off for parades so this was a novelty & I felt very sorry for the folk trying to maintain the energy & excitement.

This was the small obstruction, next was a bus!!

After this we went the the Dalston Waste markets (photos of my finds tomorrow) then we walked around 3 kilometres (buses were on diversion) to meet the Princes' brothers for lunch. Lovely lunch at a pub called by coincidence, The Prince. Great food but oh my how many babies were there?? You could barely get through for the buggies LOL. It was a veritable baby boom right there in Stoke Newington. Some real cuties amongst them & some really fresh ones too. We got a little clucky. Then we came to our senses. LOL

Off home for some serious rest & then a lovely lamb roast on the BBQ with our student boarders. Very lovely day.

Loving what I do.

Lush x

Happy Anniversary

Just a quick note to record a very special day in our lives.
Even if we can never agree on the date, which makes us celebrate for a week.
Not a bad thing in my books.

Here is to celebrating many more with you My Prince.

Loving what I do & especially you, with whom I do it!

Your Lush xoxox

PS: Even our potatoes are grown with love LOL

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Desperate times call for desperate measures yes??
At the Fat Quarter Retreat I rescued the leftover ugly's from ending up in the bin & promised I would use them in a quilt or 2 for the charity, the Linus Project.
Well I am trying!! I have one top planned, all cut out, marked up etc, hell I have even managed to get a couple of sides sewn on!! Work has stopped however as can be seen by the next photo, Gretchen has decided she does not want to play!!

See if you recognise your ugly contribution.

If this fills you with fear, you should see the back!!
 So on the weekend I was crawling up the walls for wanting to make something. This is where it lead me.
I can't even remember where I purchased this kit, I liked it because of the chickens but have no idea where it will end up or if it even needs to.

The great news in this saga is that I have made contact with a reportedly great techie who will give Gretchen the once over & even better than that, I won an auction for a new to me Singer Featherweight!! Huzzah!!! She is beautiful, black with gold decals & a lovely engraved side plate. Pictures when she arrives - hopefully soon. She is my belated birthday present from The Prince.

For those who have asked, here is a shot of the front garden. It is doing ok considering it does not get as much sunshine as the back garden & we have had several meals worth of kale and sweet peas so far. We are both hanging out for the rhubarb. I never had much success with this in Oz but it really is in it's element here in the UK.

So delicate (shame about the fly in this shot LOL)
Oh well I am off to pace the room waiting for the courier & maybe do some more cutting out & marking up.

Loving what I do

Lush x

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Busy, like the bees

It has been a very busy week here in Gogo land. The students have settled in and are both lovely young folk. I have settled into the routine of waking at the alarm & trying not to get too crabby when the Prince has to shake me to get up!! LOL. I am usually the one who wakes with the sunrise but of course just when I need to, this skill has deserted me!! Never mind.
I get up & make breakfast for everyone, push them out the door & then my narcolepsy has been taking over my days. So in between naps I have been studying (counseling), researching business ideas, & even sewing a very little.

This picture is very bright as I took it looking out to the light but it shows the new privacy curtain I made for our dining room door. We wanted to gain some privacy while still letting in the light. I picked up this bit of fabric at a charity shop for $4, while I was in Australia. I still have some left which may become cushion covers or some other such.

One seam!! LOL Hardly sewing really but Gretchen is still being temperamental!! I did two seams of  quilting on a wall hanging & am now in the process of ripping it out!! getting very bored with this, I have so much I want to get on with & the quilters block has lifted so now is the time. Le sigh!! I have decided to ring the service people on Monday (found the phone number) & if they can't get me going then I am going to trade her in on a lesser model Bernina. Hopefully no money will have to change hands or if it does, it will be coming my way!

In the spirit of needing a finish this week, I declared the fridge cupboard done. Remember this cupboard?

Well its now this.
This is so we can make notes, keep track of whats in the freezer & The Prince is keeping a tally of how many meals we get from our potato crop. Yep, that's a potato up the top above my poor rendition of a pig. LOL. My original plan was to draw the various animals on the board but I forgot that I can't draw that well. Oh well the plan was good & I can still write.

Had a lovely evening at Marsh Quilters this week, it was Strawberries & Cream night in honour of summer. Luckily it was warm on Thursday & we could feel summery. This is a bunch of lovely women & I am enjoying getting to know them albeit slowly. Anne, the President did a great presentation on a simple way to make striped blocks with jelly rolls. Sew four strips together in a tube, cut triangles along the strips, open out to a square. Very fast & creates lots of secondary shapes. Darn it, I can't find a picture!! Think diagonal stripes on a square. If I can get Gretchen to behave I will make a few of these this weekend for a charity quilt. Wish me luck!

Loving what I do.

Lush x

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Unrealistic expectations.

The Jubilee year sees images of Madge absolutely everywhere in all sorts of mediums. Here she is in jelly beans!! at John Lewis.

Looks a little freaky close up

 I bought myself a little mini figure thinking it was a Lego but it turns out to be some other brand. They were labelled as being figures for girls over 5. Here she is in all her glory however - Lara Croft including guns & a ponytail.
Yeah, every little girl can aspire to these examples. At least they both wear sensible shoes.

We had a lovely busy weekend, our first student arrived on Saturday. She is a young architecture student from Turkey, studying English in London for 4 weeks.
Our friend Lady G also stayed with us on Saturday evening & we got to spend a lovely day catching up with her before she had to wing off back to Sydney.
Then we had barely said goodbye to Lady G & our other student arrived. A young Marine Architecture student from Korea who will be with us for 6 weeks also studying English.
So I guess I will need to change my name to Sybil. LOL.

I also received an interesting business proposition yesterday to which I am giving serious consideration.

What is it they say? Luck is just being ready for when opportunity arrives?

Not much on the sewing front but soon hopefully. Must get off the computer.

Loving what I do.

Lush x