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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Desperate times call for desperate measures yes??
At the Fat Quarter Retreat I rescued the leftover ugly's from ending up in the bin & promised I would use them in a quilt or 2 for the charity, the Linus Project.
Well I am trying!! I have one top planned, all cut out, marked up etc, hell I have even managed to get a couple of sides sewn on!! Work has stopped however as can be seen by the next photo, Gretchen has decided she does not want to play!!

See if you recognise your ugly contribution.

If this fills you with fear, you should see the back!!
 So on the weekend I was crawling up the walls for wanting to make something. This is where it lead me.
I can't even remember where I purchased this kit, I liked it because of the chickens but have no idea where it will end up or if it even needs to.

The great news in this saga is that I have made contact with a reportedly great techie who will give Gretchen the once over & even better than that, I won an auction for a new to me Singer Featherweight!! Huzzah!!! She is beautiful, black with gold decals & a lovely engraved side plate. Pictures when she arrives - hopefully soon. She is my belated birthday present from The Prince.

For those who have asked, here is a shot of the front garden. It is doing ok considering it does not get as much sunshine as the back garden & we have had several meals worth of kale and sweet peas so far. We are both hanging out for the rhubarb. I never had much success with this in Oz but it really is in it's element here in the UK.

So delicate (shame about the fly in this shot LOL)
Oh well I am off to pace the room waiting for the courier & maybe do some more cutting out & marking up.

Loving what I do

Lush x


  1. Sounds good....and hope you get to enjoy the rhubarb before too long....a girl after my own heart!!

  2. Mmmmm, I am looking forward to chopping it up & munching away.
    No machine today but I am very hopeful for tomorrow.


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