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Monday, July 23, 2012

A little weekend Sacrilege

 We were up early on Saturday morning & off to partake in some of the London 2012 Festival events. First off was North Greenwich to see and play on the life size Stonehenge Jumping Castle. This is an art installation by Turner prize winning artist Jeremy Deller. If you get a chance - go do it! It was so much fun, granted I only had a very little seated bounce on the edge (there is the dodgy back to consider after all) but everyone seemed to have great fun bouncing like kids again.

The local gymnastics kids demonstrating their skills prior to letting everyone at it!!

Next, we were off to Dalston Kingsland High Street for a view of the parade. The floats were lovely & the people trying to maintain their energy but this was difficult when they had to wait at the lights to let the traffic go by!! I have never seen anything like it. I am so used to the streets being closed off for parades so this was a novelty & I felt very sorry for the folk trying to maintain the energy & excitement.

This was the small obstruction, next was a bus!!

After this we went the the Dalston Waste markets (photos of my finds tomorrow) then we walked around 3 kilometres (buses were on diversion) to meet the Princes' brothers for lunch. Lovely lunch at a pub called by coincidence, The Prince. Great food but oh my how many babies were there?? You could barely get through for the buggies LOL. It was a veritable baby boom right there in Stoke Newington. Some real cuties amongst them & some really fresh ones too. We got a little clucky. Then we came to our senses. LOL

Off home for some serious rest & then a lovely lamb roast on the BBQ with our student boarders. Very lovely day.

Loving what I do.

Lush x

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