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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Busy, like the bees

It has been a very busy week here in Gogo land. The students have settled in and are both lovely young folk. I have settled into the routine of waking at the alarm & trying not to get too crabby when the Prince has to shake me to get up!! LOL. I am usually the one who wakes with the sunrise but of course just when I need to, this skill has deserted me!! Never mind.
I get up & make breakfast for everyone, push them out the door & then my narcolepsy has been taking over my days. So in between naps I have been studying (counseling), researching business ideas, & even sewing a very little.

This picture is very bright as I took it looking out to the light but it shows the new privacy curtain I made for our dining room door. We wanted to gain some privacy while still letting in the light. I picked up this bit of fabric at a charity shop for $4, while I was in Australia. I still have some left which may become cushion covers or some other such.

One seam!! LOL Hardly sewing really but Gretchen is still being temperamental!! I did two seams of  quilting on a wall hanging & am now in the process of ripping it out!! getting very bored with this, I have so much I want to get on with & the quilters block has lifted so now is the time. Le sigh!! I have decided to ring the service people on Monday (found the phone number) & if they can't get me going then I am going to trade her in on a lesser model Bernina. Hopefully no money will have to change hands or if it does, it will be coming my way!

In the spirit of needing a finish this week, I declared the fridge cupboard done. Remember this cupboard?

Well its now this.
This is so we can make notes, keep track of whats in the freezer & The Prince is keeping a tally of how many meals we get from our potato crop. Yep, that's a potato up the top above my poor rendition of a pig. LOL. My original plan was to draw the various animals on the board but I forgot that I can't draw that well. Oh well the plan was good & I can still write.

Had a lovely evening at Marsh Quilters this week, it was Strawberries & Cream night in honour of summer. Luckily it was warm on Thursday & we could feel summery. This is a bunch of lovely women & I am enjoying getting to know them albeit slowly. Anne, the President did a great presentation on a simple way to make striped blocks with jelly rolls. Sew four strips together in a tube, cut triangles along the strips, open out to a square. Very fast & creates lots of secondary shapes. Darn it, I can't find a picture!! Think diagonal stripes on a square. If I can get Gretchen to behave I will make a few of these this weekend for a charity quilt. Wish me luck!

Loving what I do.

Lush x

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  1. Saw your question about free motion using a FW on Bonnie's blog...the answer is yes. You just need a darning foot (avail online at FW dealers...I think it was less than $20.) You do not have to drop the feed-dog..instead you adjust the tension using the nob at the top of the machine. Good luck!


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