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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Just call me Grumpnuggett!!

OK, I warn you this post is a whiny rant. I do not seek sympathy cause let's face it my life is not that bad & in fact it is generally really good; I have the love of my life by my side, my health (touch wood) is not too bad at present & I live in a spectacularly beautiful part of the world BUT just sometimes the cards don't fall the way we want them, things get annoying & we all need a little rant in our lives.

So you know I have the cutest little truck in the world & am trying to make a living flogging coffee etc to the good burgers of Sussex yes? And you know that it is not the cash cow people think it is yes? As an aside - why do random strangers think it's OK to spend 20 minutes asking you the ins & outs of your personal/business finances, telling you that "you must be making a killing & nudge, nudge, wink, wink pay no tax" then not buy anything!!! I wish I earned enough to pay tax!!! People on benefits earn more than me!!!

See I told you it was a rant.

OK so the little truck has had some bad mojo happening lately. Started with the brakes failing in spectacular style 2 weeks ago when JB was driving to the Rec ( I finally caved & get JB to do a day per week for me, 7 days a week when it is not raining was killing me). Most importantly she is OK but the little red truck ends up in the shop. 

1000 pounds please. I know, heart attack right there yeah?

So it gets better. I asked them to do 3 things. Eat the cake that was in the truck. Remove the milk from the fridge. Charge the fridge/pump/machine batteries every night - a simple matter of plugging in a cable.

Guess which one they did? 300 pounds for new batteries!! and that fridge may never smell right again!!!

Then today, (cause this can only get better yeah??) getting photos of the battery information numbers so I can order new ones & the door to the battery hatch comes off in my hands!!! Boo Yah!!!! That's the hat trick right there!!!

So all this is to get the frustration off my chest & resign myself to the fact that it is impossible for me to justify attendance at Fat Quarter Retreat. I was so looking forward to catching up with my imaginary friends in person again but sadly I just cannot justify the expense!! 

The money for the repairs? That my friends is why they have extended limits on credit cards!!

Here is a video of Daisy in a bone coma. Need to remember to laugh & that life is not that bad, just very bloody annoying sometimes!!

Trying really hard to remember that I am loving what I do (she says through gritted teeth)

Lush x


  1. Oh bugger!!! No cake for the bastards next time.

    1. I KNOW!! Can't believe their attitude when I asked them what they would do about it either, pretty much "tough for you". Grrrr!!!
      Hope you all have a great time at FQR. Just flagging - I will be jealous. LOL


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