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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Can you believe what people put on the street??

I have been going through our photos and came across this photo. Can you believe we found this thrown out for clean up?? Brand new never used. What were they thinking?? Mind you thanks to their carelessness made us a very nice bit of cash.

I wish they had council clean ups in the UK.

Love what you do
Lush x

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mmmm just as well we have 2 sofas

Not that I am saying that this happens around here. Oh yes it does.


Doing what I love!

Lush (aka Mrs Bobbins! LOL)

PS This will not let me show you the picture directly but click on the link & see what I am on about :)

Monday, December 05, 2011

My first interweb freebies!! Yipee!!

I have been blogging now for over a year & have been reading blogs for loads more years but this is the first time I have received a freebie from a fellow blogger.
I am so grateful for the gift & was giddy excited when the post came through the door.

Check out this gorgeous tape!! Find it on Luci's Etsy store

Check out my gift!!
When I moved from Sydney to London this year I had to leave behind almost all of my sewing gear & now I am here I am missing it all so much. I had a massive clear out & gave loads to friends & charity & I have had to embrace frugality & compactness in my quilting. Yeah, I know it's funny from this side too. I was never going to die with the most fabric but damn it was hard to separate myself from a significant part of my stash. I mean let's face it some of that stuff has been with me since I was a teen!! LOL

It is funny, my partner & I keep wondering aloud to each other, "where is such & such? we left it in Sydney. why did we leave that behind?" when we are missing something we could really use & know full well is in a box back in Sydney!! *Head Palm*!!

This little beauty has a date with a miniature.
 Thanks so much to Lucie, go check out her blog & Etsy store. She has some fantastic screen printed fabrics & loads of other beauties.

Loving what people do!

Lush x

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Had a lovely time in Edinburgh last week, weather was terrific, cold & crisp but no snow unfortunately.

 This was a beautiful church on the Royal Mile, just lovely.
 We were very lucky that the Christmas Markets started the day after we arrived so we just HAD to go have a German sausage & a mulled wine. I got to have mead for the first time ever. Very special to have it in Scotland & very yummy!

 The ice skating rink - rinks in the south have had to be closed cause the weather is too warm & the ice is melting :)

 We were convinved that this guy was about to take off in the very strong wind - poor guy!

View of the Castle from our room

 We went on the open top bus tour then wandered along the Royal Mile checking out the plethora of cashmere & tartan shops. I bought myself a lovely purple cashmere beanie - truly stylish !
 I went to the Childrens' Museum. They had some fantastic toys on display. These miniature ceramics were just adorable! I would love that chicken for my chicken collection :)

 I am sure I saw these 2 dogs on Antiques Roadshow recently.

 This game was hysterical in its completeness!! Obviously designed by a pedant :)

If only this was a real butcher shop! Finding good meat is a bit of a struggle here - not good when you are allergic to vegetables like I am :(

 These dolls were a cack! Modelled from quins they were all identical just with different name badges! Matel - each sold separately LOL
See No. 2 and the photo above

These pieces of furniture are made from feathers & are tiny!

More for the chicken collection :)

Floor signs in the hotel - every floor a different fruit YUM!

Lovely little Citroen truck from our favourite French restaurant - Super YUM!!

So want one of these!!
 Had the BEST food in Edinburgh! All but one meal was excellent. Had a lot of fun, people were really friendly, weather was great. All in all a lovely time up North & we would be happy to spend more time there.

Doing what I love

Lush xox

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is such a powerful idea that I challenge anyone to visit an occupy site & not be moved. Even if you cannot be involved by sleeping out with the protesters I think everyone would benefit by bearing witness to the statements being made.
When you consider that all of the worlds worth is managed by only 185 CEO's there is a chance that the wealth of the world could be divided in a more balanced way. Read more here

Conveniently located opposite an actual Starbucks :)

If you think this does not concern you & is just a bunch of hippy protesters - THINK AGAIN!! Your mortgage is next.

Ladbrokes = the local betting shop