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Monday, December 05, 2011

My first interweb freebies!! Yipee!!

I have been blogging now for over a year & have been reading blogs for loads more years but this is the first time I have received a freebie from a fellow blogger.
I am so grateful for the gift & was giddy excited when the post came through the door.

Check out this gorgeous tape!! Find it on Luci's Etsy store

Check out my gift!!
When I moved from Sydney to London this year I had to leave behind almost all of my sewing gear & now I am here I am missing it all so much. I had a massive clear out & gave loads to friends & charity & I have had to embrace frugality & compactness in my quilting. Yeah, I know it's funny from this side too. I was never going to die with the most fabric but damn it was hard to separate myself from a significant part of my stash. I mean let's face it some of that stuff has been with me since I was a teen!! LOL

It is funny, my partner & I keep wondering aloud to each other, "where is such & such? we left it in Sydney. why did we leave that behind?" when we are missing something we could really use & know full well is in a box back in Sydney!! *Head Palm*!!

This little beauty has a date with a miniature.
 Thanks so much to Lucie, go check out her blog & Etsy store. She has some fantastic screen printed fabrics & loads of other beauties.

Loving what people do!

Lush x

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