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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cats & dogs & elephants

Well maybe not elephants but a load of cats & dog photos by request & just cause they make me laugh & bring me great joy.
Daisy, let me take your photo!
Come on, look over this way.
No, this way.
Give it up hooman!!
This is as good as you are getting. I am trying to enjoy the sun!!
OK, back to the free garden poppies.
Maybe Flynn with her yummy tray of cat grass?? Doesn't she look impressed with being disturbed?? LOL

 Maybe Diego?? No?? Too busy watching Bird TV. Bert the Turtle Dove is just outside this door trying to eat his morning snack of peanuts in some sense of peace.

So for those of you who have asked for updated pictures of the fur kids - forget it!! This is as good as it gets around here. We love them but they really don't know how to sit & pose for a photo. 

Either that or they do & they are just messing with our heads.

We suspect the latter.

Loving what I do.

Lush x


  1. The Daisy photos are absolutely classic!!!

    1. If you could have heard the harrumphing going on you would laugh. She is such a talker!
      I woke up in the night last night thinking (read blind panic!!) I had to finish the blocks & get them in the post on Monday & also pick a fabric for my charm swap!!
      Glad to see I have a few more days LOL
      So over this infection thing!! Drugs are just wiping me, I have done nothing in the creative dept.
      PS: I still have no idea how to load the button!! D'oh!!


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