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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Ta Da!!! The Famous Singer.

I have been having so much fun with my new baby. She sews such a beautiful seam and after my pain with Gretchen it is lovely to be able to achieve some sewing around here.
That is a 60 mm Olfa cutter across the bed.

Here is her pretty side face

Hey Lee, this is the lovely bag you made me, shows how tiny she is.

This is her being dwarfed by a 1000 metre spool on the spindle.

I am so resisting the urge to call her Dusty, Petula, Patti or Doris LOL. Mind you she will let me know her name in her own time I guess. Ohh she just mentioned that her name is Eartha!!! 1950's Singer, petite, ebony, glamorous & smooooooooooth!!!

Edited to add: this reminds me of when I went to see Ms Kitt in concert & was invited to the VIP drinks area after the show. I was sitting chatting with friends and looked up to see the crowd parting & Ms Kitt came straight towards us & asked me where I bought my earrings!! We ended up sitting together having a lovely chat about jewellery, clothing & shoes. She is gorgeous!! So petite & the longest false eyelashes I have ever seen!! It's a wonder she could open her eyes.

Yep, Eartha it is.

Speaking of Singers from the past, check out what was parked in our street the other day. I have never seen one of these & didn't even know they existed.
Love the modest bat wing back.

This is a Singer Vogue apparently made in the 1960's. This one needs a bit of renovation but just beautiful.
Loving what I do

Lush x


  1. She's beautiful! Glad you're having fun!!

  2. Beautiful! Both the singer featherweight AND the Singer car -- which I had never heard of either..but definitely rocks!!


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