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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweating on it

With this stupid head cold hanging around & still running a high temperature & a sweating fever, I really shouldn't have been out of bed on Monday but some very important paperwork I have been sweating on arrived and had to be witnessed so off I went to the Australian Embassy.
Can I just say that after working in Australian government departments for around 26 years I was blown away by just how similar the office felt to all of my previous offices!! If it had not been for the view of London buses & cabs out the window, I swear I could have been back in Oz!! Especially with all the Australian accents all around. Very weird & kinda homesick making.
No photos allowed inside but the outside makes up for it. Does anyone remember the Goblin bank Gringotts in the Harry Potter films?? This is the building & you can see why when you look at the over the top statues & gilding.

As I was already out & The Prince's office was on the way home I called and arranged to meet for lunch. We had a lovely Chicken Pad Thai overlooking the Tower Bridge, Tower & the Thames. Tons of tourists milling around almost to the point of bloody annoying on the bridge LOL.
Despite all good intentions, I didn't manage to get to the bridge to see the Olympic rings lit up but as I missed the same thing in Sydney, I seem to have started a trend. However as I went across the bridge I did manage to get some pics of them in the upright storage position. Use your imagination & you can see them hanging down LOL.

Old London Style
New London style

Love this building & the sister Gherkin, the panes of glass are just gorgeous!
Just squint & tilt your head for the full impact LOL

 I love having spur of the moment dates with The Prince, it is so good to spend some time together that does not centre around the house. We are both looking forward to having more time to spend together where we are not both exhausted.

Have I mentioned I am so over being sick?? I have had several yucky side effects you can imagine from the steroids & antibiotics & I can't even read or watch telly comfortably cause my eyes are still streaming like open taps. I know a cold is not the worst thing I could have but gee they are annoying! Between the sneezing, coughing & crashing from the medication I have been completely unproductive. Well unless you count still cooking, cleaning & washing etc. Must be Femme Flu. LOL

Hoping tomorrow is a better day & I can get onto the bee blocks & charity quilt.

Would love to be loving what I do.

Lush x


  1. Poor you. Hope the germs are finally beating a retreat!

    1. Hi Susan, thanks, hoping I will be back to normal soon!


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