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Saturday, November 19, 2011

German Christmas Markets in London

Last night I took the tube into Tower Hill to meet the Prince & go to the night time Christmas Markets. We decided to walk as it seemed they were fairly close. Hmmm that was a big mistake. We ended up walking along the river from Tower Bridge to the London Eye!! It's quite a long way as the river bends south at this point. Can I just say, "Dear England, please to get rid of the cobble stones? They HURT!!". LOL
Anyhoo it was lovely walking weather & there is so much history everywhere you go. We got to wander past so many interesting things.
There was an interesting program on Channel 4 the other evening, highlighting the story of several of the Queen's cousins on the Bowes-Lyons side of the family. Early on in the 20th century there were several girls (5 that we know of) born into the family who were diagnosed as "imbeciles" & when they reached teen years were locked away in a mental facility. These people would today probably be considered "learning disabled" & early intervention could make a significant difference to their lives. The program focused on the fact that these women were essentially abandoned & continue to be ignored by the current Royals.
I was thinking on this as I walked across Tower Bridge looking a the Tower, it is nearly 300 years since Anne Boelyn entered as a bride & nearly 300 years since she was beheaded as an adulteress. What a cack considering Henry's checkered history. She is buried in the grounds of the Tower. Such a shame her family abandoned her even in death. I find it most interesting that the Royal Family & the aristocracy is always looked upon as something we should aspire to & yet I think they are as flawed & even more so in some circumstances as the rest of us hoi polloi.
Anyway all that aside here are some pretty pictures of London one evening in November 2011.

London Bridge by night

The rebuilt Globe Theatre - home of the Bard

Mmmmm German sausage!! YUM!

Smoking men & beasts

Big Ben

Spots still popular

We walked a looooong way baby!!

Tate Modern by night

St Pauls
Really have to work on not whinging complaining moaning bitching so much about my back pain when walking. Sorry Prince. LOL

Loving what I do! Really.

Lush x

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