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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flight of the Lady Beetles

Another glorious day in London yesterday. The Prince & I took Princess Daisy off to the park for a big wander. Half way through we sat on one of the benches to relax, contemplate & chat (as you do) and after a little while we were amazed to be inundated with lady beetles. I have never seen so many all at once! Literally dozens of them.

Pretty much all of the leaves have finally fallen from the trees and the view of the the park has changed once again. It is interesting to be able to see through the trees & consider the different perspective this gives. The park workers are in full "leaf suck up mode" & once again the green grass is on display. Not for long I suspect as today is 5 degrees, foggy & freezing rain.

 Difficult to capture in the photos but the sun is very weakly shining here. Trying to warm the earth & evaporate the dew. Not much hope as these photos were taken at 1pm!! LOL I think Winter is coming!!

 Daisy thinks the Mama's lap is the best place from which to view the park LOL

 "What? It's cold down there & I am short with very tiny feet!"

"What's a Lady Beetle Bindi?"
Loving what I do

Lush x

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