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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Melbourne trip

Ok so I am doing some "catch up" posts. We had a lovely weekend in Melbourne staying with The Prince's best friend from childhood, the lovely Mezza of Fitzroy! She has the most gorgeous home, a huge Georgian terrace purchased eons ago before Fitzroy was as popular as it has become. (Think Paddington, Sydney siders). Here is the beautiful Door Goddess!

We had a lovely wander around the old stomping ground & The Prince did a bit of reminiscing about the days in the old school yard.

As is always the case in Melbourne we had fantastic food, terrific Thai at "Easy Tiger" on Smith St - genuine "fine dining" Super Yummy!! Also "The Wine Bar" in the city - apparently the Head Chef is the guy behind the prisoner/chef program Conviction Kitchen (?? never saw anything more than the adds) but the food & wine were superb!! Best of all was that I got to meet The Prince's Aunty M. Had a lovely time and am really sorry we live so far apart as it would be lovely to have her drop in & be a bigger part of our lives. Never mind we will have to converse via the web and arrange regular visits.

As always Melbourne offered fantastic graffiti, intriguing shop windows & interesting wares!

Not to mention spectacular architecture! Sydney will rue the day they let the developers demolish at will.

Parliament House lights
As you can tell I LOVE Melbourne. Hmmm it may be the next place to live?? After London of course!!

Lush xox

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