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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where did October go??

It has been crazy busy A-Go-Go here this month. After a recent trip to Brighton, The Prince & I did some post Olympic forward planning & decided that a move from London would be conducive to our health & happiness. Fast forward to today & after massive negotiations that would put Kissinger to shame, we are preparing for a move to the West Sussex coast. Seriously, I could pop over to the Middle East & have it sorted before elevenses!!
Never one to do things by halves, I am planning the move from London at the same time as arranging for the shipping of our stuff from Australia & starting a new business. Crazy?? Yes. Probably. Meh. What else is new?? In like you mean it.
In quilting news, I have finally completed my first bee blocks for Sew-Euro-Bee-An. Helen has been so patient & I hope she is not disappointed with the results.
I was trying to evoke thoughts of the sea & soaring gulls with my flying geese. Not sure I pulled it off. They are 1 & a bit inches wide x 3/4 ish inches high finished.
The side pieces reflect the colours of the sand then the sea then the sky. Arty huh?? LOL
I also managed to get my act together & choose a block for my month & send the fabric to the other bee members. I have already seen a couple of the blocks & they look fantastic. I am really looking forward to putting this quilt together.
My block prior to trimming. I sent a scrap to suggest colour but am looking forward to seeing what comes back.
The light has been very grey here so the photos are very dark. The Prince has been suffering with some kind of infection & has been joined by Diego in the sneezing stakes. They have both been in bed for days, closely supervised by Dr Flynn, medicine cat but seem to be on the mend thankfully.
In between researching for my business idea I have been working on a simple top made from some flannelette that has been in my stash since the 90's. I know. I consider it to be "well seasoned". LOL

Loving what I do & really looking forward to living by the sea. Sending out good vibes to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Lush x


  1. Sounds chaotic but exciting too, good luck!

    1. Thanks! Relying on lists. Loads of lists LOL

  2. Rest assured, helen loved her blocks - they arrived this morning!!

    1. Wow!! That was quick (yay for post!!) & I am so glad you like them. Phew!! These bees are pressure!!

  3. Great bee blocks! I have yet to take part in a bee group...would love to be in one but never knew how!

    1. I was asked to join in this one & as this year I am committed to trying new things I said yes!
      Glad I did, I am loving it so far. Hope you find one to join & have some fun :)


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