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Friday, November 16, 2012

Northern Exposure

Had a lovely day traveling up North on the train yesterday. Well 2 trains in fact (not counting the subway) but both lovely & comfortable. Glad I jumped on the earlier train from St Pancras cause otherwise I would have missed the connecting train. The only one for the day. Thanks for that information National Rail website.
Anyhoo, it was very interesting to visit Nottingham, the home town of my son's Grandfather.

Lovely old Victorian railway station
Great view of the stacks next to the railway station at East Midlands Parkway - reminded me of The Simpsons

The day was foggy & grey almost all the way there but then the sky broke through in the most amazing blue. I was amazed by how low the sun was in the sky, you really are way north when that happens. So cool.
Gorgeous old building in the main square.
I think this was the Town Hall, could not find a sign as I was rushing to the train

 I really love the light here in the UK, it is so significantly different to what it is in Australia. This shot was taken from the bridge near Nottingham Railway station. Just gorgeous! I love the canals here too, I would have taken more photos from the train but we were traveling too fast for them to be anything but a blur.

I have to say that I had a great trip, everyone I spoke to, shop folks, train folks & random strangers who were giving me directions, were all just so lovely. I am sure they have yucky people in the North but I did not meet any yesterday and I must admit that everyone I have ever met from the North have been just delightful. Thanks North.

This is a gratuitous shameless plug for my Christmas present. People are always saying I am difficult to buy for but hey this is nice. It''s purple & blingy. See not so hard?? Waving at The Prince. LOL

Loving what I do

Lush x


  1. Ha! I don't like to disappoint you but you weren't really up north! North of London yes, but only in the midlands! My brother lives in Nottingham - you could have dropped in to say hello!

    1. Oh no, you mean there is more?? LOL
      No seriously I have been to Brum for the quilt show (mind you did not get much past the NEC, so not really) & even as far as Edinburgh.

  2. Edinburgh, you think thats far up north?! :-P

    1. See North, it's a relative term. Like South really LOL

  3. A sceptre. Yup, just what you need.

    1. And it's kinda heart shaped! That & stars are my favourites. LOL

  4. I can only agree with Di - Nottingham is the south in my book! However I can confirm - and Di will second - that people from the North are just THE BEST! We're talking the real North here you know :-)

    1. Tee hee, the accents are better the further North you go.


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