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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ask me how I know...

There are certain things you just have to learn by experience. Unfortunately not someone else's experience but your own.

The tiny truck is too tall for car parks. You will just have to make the scraping sounds yourself as you wince & duck. As if that is going to help?? Not too much damage was sustained thankfully.

Never place butter on the radiator to warm to room temperature in a hurry. You will forget it is there!!

Cleaning that out of the radiator grill took many days & many hands. Thank you to my Doozers who finished off what I started.

I have been so busy lately but I am starting to get more organised I think. This of course could be total rubbish & I may be lost in a sea of denial. Stay tuned to find out which LOL

Loving what I do, most of the time.

Lush x


  1. Oh Lush, that's worse than forgetting beer bottles in the freezer... that's my sort of thing ;o) Heads up, dear!

    1. I know!! I cannot tell you how busy this setting up the business thing has been! I have even been dreaming of it!!
      It's like becoming a parent, everyone tells you it will change you but Oh my stars!!
      At least we all had a much needed good belly laugh at my "creation" LOL

  2. Sorry I laughed about the butter, in an entirely sympathetic way of course!

    1. Oh don't worry, we cacked ourselves!!


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