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Monday, October 14, 2013

I know what I did this Summer

OR Farewell my big toenail!! LOL

I will try to put this in chronological order but make no promises.

The Little Red Money Pit should have been working like crazy & making us a mint but first off the brakes failed as I mentioned in this post. Then when I went to get it through the MOT inspection it failed in spectacular fashion due to; wait for it; damaged beyond repair bearing, arm & hub, likely caused by the brake repairers!!! Add the replacement bill to the batteries & that my friends is another £1000!! Boo yah!!

Do you know how much FABRIC that could buy???? Sobbing hysterically!! Actually it could quilt all the outstanding tops & then some!!

So while I was sitting on my duff, tearing my hair out & getting a sun tan (yeah, that was what I was doing)
Weird tan bought to you by Great British Summer & Birkenstocks! LOL
I decided to price up all the stuff lying around here that I could give to friend JB to flog in her new shop "Grand Attic" (it's in Lancing - you should go look, they have great stuff). I have also been sewing stuff to sell. I know, s.e.w.i.n.g. Actual sewing. I was thinking I may have forgotten how but just like riding a bike it all came back to me.
Sewing room is sooooo bright I have to wear sunglasses if sewing around the middle of the day!
Why yes, that is my geriatric second hand Pfaff I am sewing on! We don't talk about the heart attack inducing expensive POC that can't sew a seam without making me want to throw it out the window!!
As an aside, you do not always remember how to ride a bike. After more years than I care to admit 30 odd, I had a go at bike riding this Summer & it was not so much a success, as it was a terror filled few minutes in the back lane that felt like damned HOURS. I like to think that if I had a different bike, like one that was closer to the ground, it might end better. That is my delusion & I am clinging to it for dear life. I really want to be able to ride around this flat town of ours. Thinking of getting training wheels again. :)
Actually, reviewing the photos in your camera is a good exercise. We did do some events & learnt a hell of a lot!! 
Questions to ask when told the footfall will be 5000 & before you go buy 240 litres of milk. "How much advertising have you done?" If the answer is none then you should rapidly adjust your sales forecast & therefore your milk requirements. Either that or buy a bigger freezer. Way bigger. Way.
When told the price of a pitch, "HOW MUCH??? can we negotiate that down to less than the annual debt of a small South American nation please??".  Remember, sometimes it's OK to say no.
When asked why your coffee is not 60p per cup, it's OK to grit your teeth & hold your grounds. No need to explain the complicated business of insurance & other petty business expenses.
When asked "do you have a business plan that I could borrow, it could help my wife/partner/husband/whatever, they are interested in doing this as it seems a really easy way to make a fortune". Just step away from the jug of scalding water. Now!!
We prefer to work in sunshine!
It may not be going quite as well as we planned (seriously, what drugs were we on that day?? LOL) BUT I am still having fun most days, not yet quite bankrupt & am happy with my choices so it's all good. Besides, I have decided I could always get a job in Waitrose.

Loving what I do

Lush x

PS: sewing photos in another post soon.


  1. Love the photos but it sucks about the ongoing problems with the van. If you didn't have to spend so much money on it then life would indeed be rosy.

    1. Yeah it has not been the cash cow that everyone thinks it is but hey, it is what it is, it just helps a bit to write it out & get some perspective.
      Need to get some more time in the sewing room. The cats are getting more use than me!!


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