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Monday, February 21, 2011

And now for the girls

Just in case you think it is only Diego who cracks us up with his antics let me record the following from the girls in the family.
Could not for the life of me find Princess Daisy one day and lets face it she is way to small to climb the railings let alone survive a leap from the big deck. Found the little culprit in a box of clothes that were awaiting removal to the charity bin. Small she may be but she did manage to upend the box though she may have had help from her brother.

I was doing some planning work at  home and this is how Ms Flynn likes to "help out". I have never seen an animal sooooo obsessed with pens!!! It does not matter where they are, what colour they are, nothing matters except to get them and play with them. Her favourite toy.

And here are some random no excuse pictures of the moon rising over the local pub and a lone Christmas beetle I spotted as I was leaving work last week. Gorgeous colours. The bug (probably not much bigger than a 5 cent piece) is on a bollard and I used the closest setting I could on the phone camera. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my phone camera!!

Another couple of busy weeks here at Chateaux De LushEd. Ed is preparing to leave for Nepal next week (building hoses for the poor through Habitat for Humanity) and plans for the UK continue apace.

Do what you love people


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