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Friday, February 04, 2011

What?? Can't you see I'm busy??

Oh Hai All!
My hoomans are a funny pair. Really all I was trying to do was watch a bit of TV in peace and quiet and the next thing they were rolling about laughing and Mama was taking photos!! She said it was for posteriority or some thing??

Did I mention it's been really really hot here?? Into the high 30's for days!! It's ok for the furless in the house, we furr kids have had it tough!
Yes I know it is Biggest Loser I am watching. nobody mention my floor sweeper or there will be trouble, OK?
Sheesh! I'm back onto the deck for some peace.
Peace out!
Diego Pavlova x

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  1. hi diegoagogo, I just extended the Stylish Blog Award to you to share your wonderful blog. Your cats are adorable.


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