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Monday, January 31, 2011

How time flies!!!

When you are soooo busy you can't remember what day it is! We have been in a maelstrom of activity lately, this is what happens when you decide it may be an idea to leave the country!
The Dutchess was on school holidays and came for a sleep over then a swim at the local pool and a play in the new playground. I am not sure who had more fun on the flying fox but I think it might have been the Prince.

This park is fantastic! It has a vast range of equipment for all sizes and even though these little boys could not make the big disc spin while they were in it they soon worked out a way to have it spin and still have a ride dangling on the outside.
The weather has been fabulous and we have managed to get in quite a few swims lately. The water is warm and inviting. Australia Day saw us at the beach at Coogee with the Manchild and his girlfriend and a few thousand other beach goers. The weirdest thing was the sea haar (pronounced see haw) that had closed in on the beach overnight. A very weird sight and not what you expect in Oz at the end of January. This is a kind of fog that only occurs at the beach, something to do with dew points and salt crystals in the water or some such. Just fascinating to see!

I know the pictures just look like a grey day but I can assure you if you turned and looked west the sky was a blazing sunny blue. I love weather it is so interesting :)
On the baking front I made a scrumptious banana and blueberry cake and did a little fancy brown sugar and apple upside down treatment in the ring before pouring in the batter. YUMMO! Also a very small bowl of plum jam made from only 3 plums. Very tasty but alas a very small amount. I also made some cherry preserves from cherries I ordered from Tasmania. I am very slowly getting the hang of the jam/preserving skill but the cherries were a little caramelised but still luscious.

Thrifting has been going gang busters, so much so that we have invested in a ute to aid in our operations! It makes a huge difference to what we can pick up. As you can see by the photos it has a little more room than my regular car. It is amazing what I have fitted in this Mazda! I am not really looking forward to parting with her when we leave. I bought this car brand spanking new in 1994, it still only has 125,000 kilometres on the clock, has been as reliable as a swiss watch and is in great condition for her age. She has a few minor issues like the missing hub cap but nothing that affects the ride.

But I must say I am LOVING our ute! So much fun to know that you can just throw anything in the back! Woot!
A little more tweaking of the payment side of things and our Etsy shop diegoagogo will go live for sales this week. Here is a sneak peak at one of the items available.
Will try to do a thrift share entry tomorrow, so come back and check for the photos of some of our other finds.


  1. See how you enjoyed the fabulous summer there. We're in winter, chilly here. The cake is yummy. Love to know how to make the jam. Success for your e-shop.

  2. Hi Terrie!
    We are having a heat wave here, high 30's all week and high 20's overnight! I am reading all the northern blogs where it is -20!! Such contrast.
    Jam is really easy. Measure your fruit, any fruit works. To each quantity of fruit, add one and a half times the quantity of sugar and the juice of a lemon. Bring slowly to boil, reduce to simmer. Simmer for as long as it takes for syrup to coat the back of a spoon. Then its done! The lemon juice does not need to be scaled up as much - I used the juice of two lemons for around 4 cups of fruit. I usually add in the rind of the lemon as well as this gives a lovely flavour. I need to learn to stop cooking sooner though as mine keep caramelising - still taste good though :)
    Thanks for following.


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