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Monday, January 03, 2011

Hello 2011!!!

It has been such a busy month, so busy I have not had time to record it all! So much for my plan to record life as it happens. LOL
Anyhoo, here goes with a snapshot of December 2010. 4/12 we did the markets but it rained so we decided to go home. Of course it started to cleat up just as we had the car half packed. Dilemma, stay? go? We went and vowed to stay home next time it rained. See learning opportunity, huh huh? We did the markets again the following week and discovered that it is not worth having both of us spend the whole day. Next time we will do half a day each. Still learning.
The good stuff of the month  - 9/12 - The Prince and I going to the Paddington night markets with our goddaughter The Duchess & my mate Claire. Had fun wandering around in veritable solitude. Felt so sorry for the stall holders. Christmas shopping in Sydney seemed to be a non event - I think thrift has become the new black.
14/12 The Man-Child and I went out to Olympic stadium to see U2 perform. Excellent show!! Took lots of pictures on my new HTC phone but can't for the life of me work out how to load them to my laptop. Oh well something to learn this year. Thank you to my wonderful sister for the tickets and the opportunity to spend some quality time with the MC - much needed especially at this time.
19/12 gathering of the Girls Club at CM's place - great to catch up and spend a little time together. The Prince and I had bought lollies from our childhoods and I made a "mixed bag" for each of us and also a lolly necklace. This had us strolling down memory lane discussing our favourites. We also played a fantastic game of "Articulation" (I think that was the name). Had to describe the thing without saying the name. More difficult than you think especially as we were under the clock.
25/12 - The Prince, the Man-Child and I had a lovely brunch, pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit and present swapping. MC gave me a lovely set of table cloth weights which I have wanted for ages! Very laid back and relaxing, just the way to start the day. The Prince and I went on to a very late lunch at his Aunt & Uncles which was more the traditional chaotic family affair. More yummy food and presents. A bag of mulled wine mix from Aunt M - LOVE LOVE LOVE the mulled wine!!! I became addicted in London in January, love the smell. Just the thing for a cold day, will have to save it for winter.
26 -28/12 The Prince and I stole away for a few days by the sea which was lovely even if it rained, the people on the next balcony were chain smokers so we had to keep our door closed and the hotel facilities we most wanted were closed for our stay!!! LOL Seriously, we had a lovely relaxing time with some great food for dinner one night at a Greek place then the next at a Brazilian place. YUM!
Unfortunately the month also had it's sadness and on 12/12 I accompanied the MC to his Father's funeral. The loss is a hard one for the MC to bear and I feel so sorry for him. I only hope that my love and his getting a job in the new year will give him some purpose and ease his struggles and assist to get him through this very sad time. Time will tell.
30/12 saw me farewelling a quilting friend, gone too soon and missed terribly by us but especially by her loving husband. Strength and love to you C.
31/12 the Prince and I went to a local park to sit on the hill with lots of people and watch the fireworks on Sydney Harbour, very pretty indeed. We were lucky as we could see fireworks in several suburbs from our vantage point and we were home and tucked in our beds by 11pm. We neither of us are much into the late night party thing.
New Years Day we hosted friends on the Big Deck and the Prince cooked up a storm of duck, goose, salad and veggies with lovely grilled nectarines for dessert. Terrific way to start the year. Great company, great food and good weather. What more could one want?
The year has only just started and already a good friend has lost his beloved Mother after losing his Father last year. Love an best wishes to you my friend.
As is often the way the universe has a way of delivering balance and in this vein I am so happy to see the safe delivery of a gorgeous baby girl to my best mate, her partner and a very proud Daddy. Congratulations guys!! So very, very glad to hear this news and really looking forward to seeing you all soon. I have several presents for baby and will post photos once I hand them over.
For the coming year I am looking at how to balance my life and stay sane and something I found on Bonnie Hunter's blog will help to keep me focused I hope.

Some of these things I do now but it is good to keep them in mind.
Watch this space.
Do what you love, love what you do.
Lush x

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