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Sunday, January 16, 2011

London Calling!

It has been a week of big excitement here at the old hacienda. We like everyone else in the known universe at this time of the year have been reviewing the last & planing for the next year. As part of this we have been thinking that The Prince needs to move on from his current role at work. Then out of the blue The Prince has been offered not one but 2 jobs in London! Eeep!!
An overseas stint has always been bubbling away in the back of our heads but we did not think it was time yet because of the GFC etc.
We are now seriously considering the offers. It is very dependent on numerous factors but it could be a go.
Stay tuned for more info as it comes to hand!
In thrifting news, we have a new phenomenon occouring - lots of the neighbours now know about our little venture and they get so excited if they are about when the truck comes home fully laden. It reminds me of Christmas chats with the neighbourhood kids comparing ones haul. Well last night one of our neighbours was about and when she saw the BBQ we found (awesome bit of kit!! thanks Paddington) she excitedly asked if she may purchase same. We of course are happy to sell and not have to photograph and do the listing thing so win win!!
We had a lovely weekend hosting our friend who has just had a very nasty break up but we kept her busy and distracted with our company. We had two lovely trips to the pool one a regular concrete pond and the other a glorious ocean pool with terrific views of the beach and cliffs. Very restorative on what has been a sweaty hot weekend!
Well back to the coal face for me,
Love what you do.

Lush xox

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