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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Power breakfast etc

Well the Prince made it home from Nepal after having a wonderful time and achieving the completion of the house for a lovely Nepalese woman and her 2 children. Unfortunately came home with a chest infection and is still struggling to shake it off - not the kind of souvenir you really want but we are thankful we live in the time of antibiotics!
As the Prince had to fundraise to get to Nepal and as the charity is trying to drum up more volunteers a power breakfast with presentation was just the thing. Held in the sustainable temporary restaurant greenhouse by joost located near the overseas passenger terminal at Circular Quay (Sydney Harbour for the internationals). Fabulous although the weather was a little wet & chill.

We have been very busy lately trying to ready for the move. Sooo much to do and it seems so little time. Lots and lots of lists!! However interspersed by a surprise visit from this little cutie - 11 weeks old now and such a sweet little thing. I got to be her own personal napping station, then feed her then hand her back for the yucky bits. LOL Not that I could capture it but now she is older she is all smiles and giggles.

Took a little time out on the weekend to bake and managed a lovely lemon ginger cake with passionfruit glaze - YUM!!! Several of my all time favourite ingredients right there!

Have been managing a little sewing lately and have almost 2 tops to show for it (thanks to the 15 minutes sewing a day schedule!), photos when the light is right.

Anyway off to do more for the move.

Have a great day
Lush x

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