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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Re-purposing workshop

I recently attended a workshop designed to get us thinking about re-purposing clothing & other items into quilts. It was not really what I expected but was interesting none the less, even if it felt a little "kindergarten collage".
Here are some of the resulting pieces. I guess I just can't think what to do with these pieces? Am I being pedestrian?? No appreciation for modern art? Or just a quilt snob?

Woven sleeve anyone??

Rag knitting - more what I thought this would be about.

I do love that this is the back of the piece & it feels better than the front.

Another piece made from the same holey jumper. I really liked this piece so maybe I am learning??
We were in absolute hysterics the other night watching Diego watch the computer. The Prince was watching videos on You Tube & Diego was so rapped. When the clip stopped he would reach out his paw & try to get it started again. He sat watching for a good 20 minutes before something else took his attention. Thankfully he seems to be totally over his dose of man cat flu. I don't know what we would have done without this little guy, he really is a very important part of our lives. Love you Dags.

Doing what I love.


  1. You need to make rag rugs with any old clothes....easy, quick, nice result and it's useful - which I guess most of the things made on your course aren't!

    1. Yes!! This is what I thought it would be about!! I should have known I was on shaky ground when I heard one of the women say, with no irony, "such fun!!" LOL
      I have made one crochet rug from wool scraps on a massive 25mm hook & I have a bodger & some hessian to make a rug from cut up clothing. I just have to find some old t-shirts etc. I will post the results.
      Looks like I will just have to muddle along at home alone as usual. You tube at the ready.
      Thanks for the comment!


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