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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't blink....

We started the week with this

Couple of days later it was this!!

 Spring happens hard & fast here. We think this tree is a grafted variety because the branches you can see that are still in bud are in fact pink flowers. Same tree. More pictures when that happens.

Finally a sewing picture. I know it is not a quilt but it is something I have been threatening to make for some time now. Peg bag made with plastic covered fabric. No idea who the designer is & not really into crediting for something I bought & have no idea where bought let alone who designed the stuff. I figure I gave them my money to buy, end of. Then again I am not into buying a fabric (or anything for that matter) just because XYZ designed it.
I wonder if artists have to credit the paint maker??

We love our tree but here is one in the park on the way to Stratford. A.MAZE.ING!!! It is a shame there is no scent for us. Mind you the bees are just gorging!! They damn near fall out of the trees drunk. LOL

However with the sun come the sunbathers. The pudgy white bodies should be out soon! (That would be me LOL)

We went to the hideous Westfield yesterday to do a little shopping reconnaissance for our B&B idea & saw this car hanging from the wall. We are really hoping that they stripped the guts out of this to make it lighter & that it is very securely attached!! 

We went to Wahaca Mexican restaurant for a lovely lunch in the sun & these are the doors & mirrors in the loo. I love the combination of Mexican & British. Food was very nice but we think suffered from a lack of fresh ingredients. Not as much salsa, salad or guacamole as we are used to in Oz.
We did have an amazing drink however. Almond & rice milk with vanilla & cinnamon. Tasted like rice pudding!! Yummo!!

Loving what I do
Lush x


  1. Awesome photos! I especially love the huge flowering tree! So beautiful! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting, we are loving the trees right now. I am wondering what will happen if we get the promised (threatened??) dump of snow this week??
      I suppose they will be ok but we are going to cover our veges with some batting just for protection.
      I think we put our seedlings out too soon.
      Time will tell??

  2. So pretty! Stunning views of blooming flowers!


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