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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Very Belated Christams shenanigans

We had a lovely December, cold & crisp weather but I did not get to experience snow before I left for Australia (sad face!). Typically, it snowed beautifully here, the week before I got back!! LOL Oh well maybe next year??
We had a weekend in Brighton then a visit from the lovely JB of Brighton. We spent a great weekend making  clove oranges & door wreaths while drinking mulled wine & listening to great music.

This is a busker we saw in Brighton

Standing on these clove hoof stilts while playing the bagpipes!! Very talented guy.

It's the Christmas PUG!!! The Prince insisted that I buy this coat for the little peanut.
I didn't really need that much persuasion LOL.

She loves it really! We think she looks like the Christmas Grinch in this shot.

One of the decorations we bought in Edinburgh

Apple & ginger yumminess with Mistletoe in the background

The Prince, Daisy & I went for a lovely walk in our local park where we gathered all the holly for our wreathes. They have the most amazing selection of holly trees so we went for a judicious pruning mixed look rather than denude only one tree.

Gratuitous pug shot

Loaded with pressies

Favourite pressie from the Prince - made of perspex

Yummy breakfast prepared by the Prince - gluten free blinis, smoked salmon, sour cream & red currants.
For lunch/dinner we feasted on roast duck, potatoes & brusell sprouts then much later had gluten free fruit cake for pudding. We had a lovely day & a lovely month all round.
I can't believe it but I managed to get the Prince to the sales at Stratford. The cardigan I gave as a present was liked so much we decided another would be good to add to the wardrobe so off we went. It was busy when we arrived but got even busier by the time we left.
Then off home for me to pack to leave for Australia.

Still loving it.

Lush x

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