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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Living la vida London

I am sure I have mentioned that I am soooo glad to be back with my Prince. We missed each other terribly & it has been great to be together again. I have been blessed to find someone with whom spending time is such a delight. Since I have been back we have been once again getting out around the city & enjoying the sights. There is a plinth in Trafalgar Square that does not have a permanent sculpture but allows for different artists to exhibit for a time. This is the latest exhibit from a team from City Hall.

Golden Child

Old & new blending together

Sunshine through the water on a beautiful sunny day
 We had a visit from S & M from Brighton on Thursday evening & we had a lovely day wandering around Walthamstowe market & then the area known as the Village. Beautiful historic houses, churches, pubs & shops. We think this is a place we could love to live & would be great to be able to buy something there.

Just a bit of history resting in the park outside the church

This house dates from around the 1400's!!
We have been enjoying planning our Spring Summer garden & deciding what we want to grow. It has been interesting trying to get our head around the planting schedule in consideration with the weather but we are learning fast. We are hoping that our plants survive this evenings frost & I intend to go wrap them with a towel before bed. Tuck them in & keep them warm.

A house a few doors up has been having major renovations & I rescued a couple of timber pallets & we are trying our hand at vertical gardening. We wrapped the pallets in weed mat & filled them with potting mix. Once you have them filled, you slash a very small hole in the matting & settle the plants in each one. We have put in a few herbs, pansies & strawberries. Once the threat of frost is gone we have some broad beans, tomatoes & zucchini seedlings. We will also fill with basil & marigolds. The big green bags contain 3 types of potatos.

Really enjoying doing what I love. Thank you Prince for another great weekend.
Lush xox

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