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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just like a bus!

Well a country bus maybe. No posts for ages, then along come 2 in a week LOL
So I have finally been getting some sewing done & have had a range of companions. The cats LOVE my sewing room especially at the moment when the sun is stretched all the way across the floor. So much more space to stretch out in!!

 Diego loves to get in real close to see inspect the latest project.

 REAL close!! LOL
Yes I am wearing sunglasses in my sewing room. Here's why.

They also love watching Bird TV from up this high, it looks like they could be in the room with you!! LOL.
This little guy spent hours tapping on the window with his beak trying to get my attention. Drove the cats batty!! They so wanted me to let him in to play. Was I mean to leave him outside?? I don't think so.

I have had a baby quilt project on the machine for some weeks now & it is so close to completion which is just as well since the baby in question is 8 weeks old already. However I think this quilt will last him a fair while as it has ended up around 54 inches square!! Not sure how that happened exactly but that is the size it wanted to be, so it is. Just need to decide if I am going to quilt it or send it out?

This little chipmunk cheeks is the nephew of The Prince. Dad is an Aussie, Mum is Swedish & the little guy was born here in the UK. I tried to reflect his heritage in his quilt so there is a Swedish fabric in the border, an English print in the centres & the border, yellow border to reflect the Aussie sun, fabric to reflect the time of year he was born into (harvest pears) as well as crowns for the label to remind him of "that other birth" that happened around the same time.
Hope he gets from it years of comfort & warmth. Also that he feels the loving embrace with which we welcome him into our family.

Loving what I do & for whom I do it.

Lush x


  1. Had to laugh at your cats getting all up in your face... I can't keep mine away either! Also, I really love how that quilt is so meaningful... love that you put so much thought into the fabrics and design!

    1. He is on my lap as I type. Has to be right up close all the time, I wake up & he is right next to me on the pillow LOL
      Thanks for your comments re the quilt. Just have to get it quilted now - not my forte & the quilter I wanted is busy till January so it looks like it's down to me! No pressure!!


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