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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Day we went to Brighton

Didn't we have a lovely day! Well a lovely weekend really. They hold the parade during the day then everyone heads off to the park. It is a cross between Mardi Gras & Fair Day & the Easter Show rides.
Great fun & very family friendly. We loved the way pretty much the whole of Brighton came out & was very supportive. We had a great view for the parade seated on the steps of a shop. I thought it was very interesting to compare the lack of fencing, marshals & rules and yet it ran amazing well. The parade is not as big as Sydney but the park is so much bigger than Fair Day.
A lovely couple for 15 years

Couple of lovely bears :)

The Golden Snitch & Dumbledore

Hello Kitty - the ultimate fag hag!! LOL

We had a great time wandering amongst the stalls checking out the merchandise & information stalls, we had a dance in the big tent and then the Prince saw the rides!!!

The Prince in full flight

Embiggen the picture to see the decorations on the building
Was lovely to catch up with Brighton friends & we hope to see them in London soon.


Lush xox

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