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Friday, August 19, 2011

First 5 weeks Part 2

August 6 we went to Portobello Road markets which was fun but a lot of the stalls were a little disappointing. Great antiques in the shops if you had an open budget :/ maybe next life time? Saw this great shop window - great way to save them from the scrap heap.

August 7 ( Happy 82nd Birthday Mum!) saw us off to buy a new bed - don't think I have ever slept in a bed that was so uncomfortable as the one in our house!! but we bought one that is excellent (first night on it last night was awesome!!).
We did not realise but the bed shop was around the corner from Columbia Road flower markets & some 2nd hand markets in the same street. Flower markets were fantastic & I picked up some lovely linen tea towels & a terrific tartan cushion cover for only 3 quid. We also got a cheap buy with a huge punnet of petunias for a pound. They will bring some brightness to the back yard.

So glad to see our boxes arrive from home & still working on opening them & fitting it all into the house. May need to invest in a couple of chests of drawers?? Not a huge amount of storage in this house which is otherwise great. Lovely Victorian 3 bed terrace.
I was lucky enough to be here in time to spend 2 days in Birmingham for the Quilt Show. The quilts were spectacular!! and I was so impressed by the organisation of the show. The event company takes care of all the set up AND provides the walls etc to hang the quilts - bliss!!!

A little blurry but this is not much bigger than my hand!!!

Yes folks, that is my hand!! I am a size 6 glove - read tiny!!
Oops This is NOT the winner of the miniature section - but still AWESOME!!
I got to do some quilt celebrity spotting and met Luana Rubin of and Bonnie Hunter of!!! Also got ot say hi to Pam Holland a favourite Australian quilter of mine. So excited, which is so funny for me as I am so not into the celebrity mentality. Yet there you go twice in a few weeks LOL. Never say never.

I also had a lovely chat with Richard, hubby of Marti Michell. Very nice gent & I bought quite a few of their templates. Finally got a proper "thimble" shaped template and now only need a mini version of that & a one & half inch square. Got to use all the scraps!! LOL
I bought a little bit of fabric and also some fantastic alpaca yarn for scarves for me and the Prince. Best knitting needles ever - Thanks to the interwebs & yoo toob I have taught myself to use circular needles & do continental knitting. So much faster and easier on the shoulders. Pictures later.

Just cause - some random pics of some of the quilts.
Lush xox

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