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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Even though I am missing my friends & especially my son, I have had an exceptionally enjoyable Christmas. Even without much furniture, the new house is feeling very much like home. We are loving being so close to the water & I walk along the seafront most days, The Prince joins me when possible & Princess Daisy comes, generally under protest as she would rather be wrapped around a radiator.

OK Mama, da lites are ready, wheres da twee??
Here it is Diego, check out the presents. Oh & look at the pretty toys for us!! Mama says days decrashuns but I fink days toys.
We had an absolutely wonderful relaxing day. Started with a sleep in to 8:30am followed by a terrific breakfast of potato rosti with smoked salmon, sour cream & fresh redcurrants.

The Prince had a go at making the holy grail of gluten free baking - puff pastry! The results were not too bad, crispy, some flakes & pretty tasty. Came out kind of like a Stollen but not as bready.


We had a lovely walk along the sand with Princess Daisy complaining ALL. THE. WAY. LOL
Then we feasted on a yummy duck breast with five spices, roast veg & purple kale. Pudding & custard for afters. The Prince absolutely excelled in the kitchen & the fresh home made cranberry sauce was sublime!! I have requested duck & cranberry as often as possible!!
Not a great looking picture but trust me it was DELISH!!!
Loads of presents were exchanged. I received loads of lovely things, a pair of beautiful plush cashmere socks, (my weapon of choice against the cold) a warm flap hat, a great book on forgotten crafts, a history book, some ramekins & a lovely wooden box.
I gave The Prince a set of Lord of the Rings books, a coffee mug, and a beginners telescope. We are hoping that because it gets so dark down here we may be able to see some stars & planets and maybe an astral event or two, weather permitting.

  The Prince will be on leave until after the New Year & we have plans to catch a movie, catch up with friends & do some work on house stuff. Our furniture arrives in February & my coffee van will be here in about a week so it's all busy around here.
Doing loads of what I love

Lush x


  1. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and the new place feels like home.

    1. Hey Susan, we have had a lovely relaxing & peaceful time. Perfect!
      Hope you had a great one too.

  2. Lush, that sounds and looks like an amazing Christmas time!! All the best to you and your whole family for the new year! Have a good one :-)

    1. Hello Claudia, how lovely to hear from you! We have had a very busy time but it has been most rewarding. Hope you had a lovely holiday season & best wishes for the New Year!
      Will you be over for FQR??
      Lush x

  3. It sounds like a great Christmas to me! Glad you had fun!!

    1. Best time ever I think! Very quiet but NO STRESS!! Yay!!


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