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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Old Time Cinema

The Prince & I decided that we needed to spend some time out of the house during our holiday break & as we had some "new home" stuff to take care of, we walked in to the village along the shopping street. Several shops & banks later we decided it was time for lunch & the star feature of the trip, namely off to the movies to see The Hobbit.
We planned to go to The Dome Cinema, which is on the seafront here in Worthing. To say we were blown away by the place is an understatement! This is a truly old fashioned cinema that has retained all the things that make it glorious. Comfy old timey seats with so much leg room!! Glorious bas relief details on the ceilings & walls. Side & rear balconies (admittedly not often in use because of the bad behaviour of some patrons) but still in situ!!!
The best of all? Wooden floors!!! Pass me the Jaffa's!!!! I tried with a peanut M&M but it was not as good as a good old Aussie Jaffa LOL

 Apparently the theatre opened in 1911 as a roller skating rink! Who says everything was invented in the 60's?? LOL
Oh and the best thing about this cinema? Tickets to The Hobbit - 5 pounds each!! The Prince & I have vowed to become regular cinema goers as this kind of business needs supporters.

Loving what I do where I am doing it.

Lush x

PS: the movie?? Excellent, visually stunning & very true to the book. I realised I read this book & the Rings trilogy when I was 12!! That's a long time ago, no wonder I can barely remember the story LOL


  1. Looks like a great day out. I miss going to the cinema. But himself hates it - all the people chatting rudely, crunching popcorn, etc (the things I barely notice most of the time), and the prices do both our heads in.

  2. I know where he is coming from, I usually only go for stuff that really needs a big screen & then I pick really quiet times & wear ear plugs.
    The last time we went to the movies in London it cost us nearly 50 quid!! It is amazing that this place only charges 5 quid - we will definitely be going back more often.

  3. Wow - that looks fab - I think you're going to enjoy living in Worthing!! Happy New Year!!

    1. Hey Helen, we really are loving it, it is so nice to discover all the little surprises. Happy New Year to you too.

  4. oh I used to love that cinema, is the ice cream shop still there on the corner ??? Want a laugh, I worked the stop me and buy one ice cream bike one summer as a teenager along worthing seafront....


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