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Friday, January 18, 2013

London weekend

Two of the Princes family had birthdays last weekend so we all gathered in London to celebrate the events. Lunch at Moro was delicious and as a bonus I managed to see the shop where one brother works as a goldsmith
In an attempt to reduce the number of train trips for the Prince & as a bit of enjoyment we booked into a hotel for the evening. After lunch, The Prince & I wandered off to our hotel & went straight for the pool & spa area. After a good long soak in the jacuzzi we felt much warmer and relaxed.

View from our room, that's the Tower Bridge on the left.
London Church of the Catholic Martyrs
 I am always blown away by how you are right in the thick of history at every turn here. I am reading the book, The Watchers, The Prince gave me for Christmas. It is about the spy network during the reign of Elizabeth the 1st and describes the Catholic attempts to bring England back to the "real church". This church celebrates the Catholic martyrs. Love this stuff, never gets old, pardon the pun.
See the light dusting of snow on the roof of the building on the right?
Close up of the church door.
 I decided to run away to the V & A for a visit, I could live in this museum, every time I go I find another section that I have not seen. I was heading for the jewellery rooms & ran across these monoliths. How they managed to get them into the rooms is a mystery, I suspect they built the museum around them??

 As you can see from the size of the people, this thing is MASSIVE!!!
 I love that they have a large section where the conservators are working in the public view. There is a man on the top of this scaffolding working on the stone pillar.

Skulls & cross bones are nothing new as a design feature. The little coffin is adorable.
Some fantastic little boxes & watches etc. It was just after this that I got told I could not take photos in the jewellery section. Ooops, didn't stop me, or anyone else in the room LOL.

Loving what I get to do

Lush x


  1. Looks like a great city break. Glad you got people in that photo of the monolith as I would have had no idea otherwise.

  2. I know, I had to wait for someone to come into view so I could get the perspective. LOL


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