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Friday, January 11, 2013

Seweurobeean blocks

So I have to admit that since I moved here to the new house, I have really been struggling to find the blocks that everyone sent me for my first ever bee. I was sure I had put them in a box so I searched everywhere, unpacked everything, searched again and all to no avail.

Finally the other evening (after my never to be spoken of again rejection :( ) I decided I needed to stroke fabric would move the rest of my stuff up to the sewing room including my Gplan chest of drawers.
Now I have to say I had opened these drawers hundreds of times looking for the blocks but it took taking the drawers completely out to see the back of the drawers & there were the blocks. Mocking my incompetent searching. I think they even had their tongues sticking out at me. Meanies.
The first flop
My little helper
Clearly not happy with my placement
Now to fur up the other tops in the room LOL
Afternoon tea
After my disaster the other night, I decided to remember good friends & make a friends slice recipe for afternoon tea. The Prince came into the kitchen, looked into the tray & said "OOooh Dotty Lee slice, YUM!" It is indeed, on both counts.

Loving what I do.

Lush x


  1. Seriously lovely blocks, and those cats are as bad as my children!

    1. What your kids do THIS on your quilts??? O.o


  2. Looking good! I've been looking forward to seeing our first finished quilt.

    1. Not finished yet, this is the first draft. I will toss them around a bit more & see how they look in different ways before I commit to stitching them together.
      Looking forward to having my design wall back in action, this climbing around the floor is for the younger than me.

  3. Whoopie! They look great together, Lush!
    Love what YOU do!

    1. Thanks, I am so pleased with them all, everyone has done a great job.


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