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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Belated Christmas 2013

We had a lovely run up to Christmas, weather was mild & the wind did not whip up until around the 3rd week. Mind you when it came, it came in spades! We seem to have begun a tradition in this house of having a fairly intense & urgent issue crop up on the day before Christmas Eve, last year it was waking to a yard full of poo & 2013 we ended up with water coming out of the lights in our bedroom ceiling. 
Interesting considering there is a whole other floor on top of our bedroom!! We lay there wondering just where in the hell that water was coming from & decided to decamp to the spare room to sleep the night. We did not want to wake with the ceiling on our heads.
Investigations revealed that the water was coming from several places, our room was leaking from the bay window into the ceiling cavity. My sewing room/study is leaking from the dormer part of the roof & there are a few more little spots here & there in the house. Our bedroom is fixed but the builder will be seeing to the rest of them all soon.
The Prince & I had a lovely couple of days baking & decorating a gingerbread house. Gluten free of course. There were of course the usual construction issues of a few cracks & the glazing was delayed but finally installed & looked fabulous as even Kevin McLeod knew it would.

Even Diego Pavlova thought the house looked tasty. The little people who lived in it were a bit worried :)

We had a lovely sunny day, breakfast in the bay window, walk along the beach then home to  a late lunch/early dinner of gluten free Beef Wellington. Quiet but very relaxing.

Loving what I do

Lush x

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