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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

MIssing Inaction

Wow, that was a long time between drinks. Have been exceedingly busy but happy that it seems things are going in the right direction. Have even managed a couple of finishes for January. 
Our friends & neighbours have just moved back into their home after being absent for 3 months while the house was gutted & rebuilt from the frame in. Looks so much better in soft greys & crisp whites, reflective of their homeland Scottish skies.
In tribute to their rock & roll gothic roots I made these cushion covers for them. Clearly, they need inserts but you get the idea.

I love that the husband took one look at them and yelled "Oh perfect, SKULLS!!!". Makes a Sewista proud that their work is appreciated.

20 inches square
Essex linen in grey
Various fabrics from stash (mostly with skulls & bats)
Quilted with Gutterman cotton in grey

Loving what I do

Lush x

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