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Monday, February 10, 2014

Day out in Chi Darling!!

Apparently the locals call Chichester, "Chi" as in Chai. Seems a little chi chi to me but we went along to see what was on offer. As we are not massive shoppers we were kind of expecting to be bored but I have to say there were more than enough really old buildings to keep us entertained for ages.

 This is the butter market hall. Who knew there needed to be a dedicated market hall just for butter?? This is my kind of town!!

 This is an amazing 11th century church. Crammed in cheek by jowl between a phone shop & a bakery cafe. It has been turned into a book shop. How modern.
 I bet St Olaf is rolling in his grave. But I guess it is good to see old buildings having life & not rotting into ruin.
 This was the Assembly Hall. Hysterical. Swallow your bonnet!!
This is a not very good detail shot of the amazing bank building. (one of many). This is built in the traditional flint stone style but with napped flint in the gaps. Very sharp! I wonder if it was done on purpose to keep the robbers out or if just done for design.
Here is a better picture after the link. Flintstone

Still didn't get to visit the fabric store. I have been to Chi twice now & still can't find the shop! Will need to do a detailed Google search next time. We will go back as we ran out of time to visit the cathedral & several other sights. A good day spent wandering marvelling at the architecture & a good lunch. 

Loving what we do

Lush x

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