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Monday, June 18, 2012

Finally the V & A!!

Even though I have always wanted to live overseas & was extremely keen to get here, looking back, it has been an extremely stressful year.

Like loads of people in the world, changing fortunes have been firmly in the forefront of our minds. We are lucky that The Prince has had a job here & I had some money from leaving my job in Oz but the truth is that circumstances have conspired & what I thought I could eke out over 3 years has pretty much depleted in less than one! So we have made some gut wrenching decisions & changed tack.

My emotional reaction to this has been to hunker down & pretty much entertain myself at home for as close to free as much as possible, consequently my plans to haunt all the galleries & museums has taken a distant back seat.

However the time has definitely come to get myself out & start living not just existing or else there is no point right? So in the spirit of adventure I have finally managed to make a trek to the place I could quite frankly move into - the V & A!!

So on Thursday last week when the Prince was working from home, I decided it was a great day to get out of the house. I firstly walked through the glass gallery & then saw the Ballgown exhibition.

I love this piece by Dale Chihuly, looks like it was ready for a clean.

The photo does not do these justice, so delicate & gorgeous

These are glass tiles but have a definite quilty look

How small are these wine glasses?? No wonder we have drinking problems with our buckets!

Another fragment with quilty looks

The penny is on the glass to give perspective - so small & just lovely!

More quilt thoughts

And again with the quilt thoughts LOL

This was an amazing frock!! Silvered leather

Thousands of small loops in rows

Loved the pearl necklace decor
More quilty thoughts with the floor tiles

Interesting reuse installation at the entrance

This is the only thing that tempted me at the gift shop though I did not capitulate.

I have to say that one gallery & one exhibition was more than enough for me & I arrived home shattered!
I intend to make a trek at least once a fortnight for a few hours & make my way through a gallery & a special exhibition on each visit. Lets see if I can keep up with that promise.
Wish me luck.
Still loving what I do.

Lush x


  1. I'm so envious - and you're right to do it in little chunks. I had a little foray to the V&A with Di and some of the other foreign stragglers on the Monday after the FQ - and you're right, it's stimulation overload after not very long at all!

    1. I really like to take my time & contemplate before absorbing any more.
      Besides, my back was killing me!! LOL Had a great cracking session with the osteo on Friday, feeling much less stiff & hoping for more improvement.


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