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Monday, June 25, 2012

Surprise Gifts

I have been blessed with several surprise gifts lately. Some of them from family some from nature.
This is one from nature, random poppy came up in the garden
Gorgeous birthday flowers from my Sister.
Look at that electric blue
I moved them so I could see them more often. Thank you Sister! I love them.
 Here are our very first potatos from the garden!! We had them for dinner with salad completely from the garden & some lovely chicken. Feels so good to be growing our own food again. At this stage I can only dream of a house in the country where we can have a huge vegetable garden & chickens.

That is a 1 pound coin for perspective - about the same size as an Aus $2 coin
 We had a fantastic day of gleaning yesterday. We had both spotted a cherry tree loaded with fruit in a small park on the way up to Stratford. So off we went with the ladder & a box for the bounty and didn't we attract some strange looks & comments! My favourite was the guy who asked if they were cherries like you get in the shop? 
I recently read some statistics that discovered that only 60 % of those surveyed knew that milk came from cows!!! I believe they were surveying schoolkids but I have to say that the questions we get when gleaning, this is unfortunately a common occourence.
How can it be that we have become so removed from our food? It is truly astounding & sad.

 They were very small cherries & were a little sour but after about 2 hours of pitting, we had them in the pot & cooking away into jam. It only made one jar of jam but that little jar is bursting with flavour. You should have seen my hands though, I look like I had been at the salon getting a WAGs tan!

Doing what we love

Lush x


  1. Oh I love it...but I guess the alternative is looking like an a WAG with a tan is probably least I think so!

    1. I know, it's also why I never really bother with a manicure. They just don't last on me.
      You should see them now, combination of white spray paint & blackboard paint. Balanced. LOL
      Really need to embrace rubber gloves :?


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