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Monday, June 25, 2012

I really should buy shares...... shaking head!!

The last 2 weeks have seen me feeling very flat & the narcolepsy has been kicking in Every. Single. Day!!
Now don't get me wrong, this is not the kind of narcolepsy that some people suffer from relentlessly all day, every day. No, this is the one that comes & goes as it pleases, so you can have periods of thinking you were imagining how bad it can get & then whammo! back it comes with a vengeance. I am finding it is getting worse the older I get.
It is one of the myriad annoying symptoms of PCOS.
Usually it can strike at any time but for several days in a row last week it hit me at exactly 1pm. Not a minute before, not a minute after. Just to keep things interesting, and then it went back to erratic. Phew! Funnily, I consider myself lucky to get a warning as I know several people who don't get any idea & they just drop. I can at least get to a sofa & warn whoever is around before it hits.
Last night, the last thing I remember is watching TV with The Prince & the next I was suddenly awake asking how for long I had been out. I had been off for around 30 minutes. Dead to the world!
Usually I can make it to the couch so it is not that bad but I do remember when I was pregnant with my son it used to strike me as I drove home. Now that was scary. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to pull over to the side of the road & have a nap. Thankfully, once born, my son was always very well behaved during these attacks & we muddled through somehow.
The thing that goes hand in hand with this is the insomnia. *face palm!*
Can you see why women with these symptoms are written off as neurotic? Usually for years before they are correctly diagnosed. I still have people in my life (admittedly, on the periphery now) who don't believe this is real, nor that I have no control over this. My boss used to be one of them! Le sigh)
Anyhoo, the reason for this rant is to explain what can happen in this erratic world & why I want shares in Doctor Power.
As I have not achieved as much as I wanted to in the last 2 weeks (I know, I am my harshest critic!) I decided today to get a few things on the burner.
I have had this cane basket for longer than I care to admit & wanted to get it done!!


So off to the garden today to spray the cane with fresh white paint. Looks much better. Now I just have to decide which fabric to cover the top with?? That could take some time :/
Anyhoo, at least I can get rid of the cardboard I had been saving for use as a drop sheet. (taking up lounge room space!!)
So feeling like I was on a roll, (read I had some energy left over) I decided to tackle another project I have had in mind. For some time I have been thinking I should paint the inside fridge cupboard door with magnetic blackboard paint.
Seemed easy. That purple sheet has a list of the contents of the freezer listed. I find this really handy when planning meals as I no longer have to root around almost upside down trying to figure out our next meal.
So after using what has to be the most useless masking tape on the planet, I mixed the paint and prepared to get the first coat happening. Then. IT. happened!
YEP! Dropped the lid of the paint tin. Managed to splatter all over the front of one of the other cupboards. SH#T!!!
After trying to wash this off with a regular cloth, scourer, steel wool, etc, I was thinking I was going to have to paint this one as well I remembered the old Doctor Power sponges.

Seriously, they may be a bit expensive but they are the BEST. CLEANERS. EVER!!
All you need is plain water & a small amount of elbow grease. I am yet to find anything they can't remove. Since discovering them, I make it a habit to always keep some on hand.
I usually find they don't last past one use but as you can see they are worth every penny! No need to try to match the paint on the cupboards, or paint. I could see me having to paint ALL the bloody cupboards so they matched!!
Doctor Power, I love you!!
Oh and I made a banana & walnut loaf. Off to have some now with a cup of lemon tea.

Loving some of the things I do LOL

Lush x

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